36 Compound Microscopes for Middle School Students

The microscopes at Standley being used by science department were more than 20 years old, most of them having been broken and repaired from use over time.  They were not reliable, and not enough of them worked to be helpful. So the science department asked EdUCate for 36 new microscopes, a full class set, to be shared by all grades.  Through a Teacher Grant, EdUCate was able to fully fund all 36 microscopes!  Now, all students at Standley will have access to a new high quality device for experimental and investigative learning! “We can always count on EdUCate! to support our science program!  The classroom sets of microscopes allow us to provide our students with authentic and rigorous scientific experiences.  There’s nothing better than seeing students’ faces light up as they explore the world of microorganisms, sometimes for the first time.” – Lori Pina, Standley Middle School